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eDISCS ™ Snapshot


Fueling effectively for any sport is paramount for performance, but often the inconvenience or extra weight of sports foods or supplements acts as a deterrent for proper hydration and eating during exercise. For these individuals, and anyone looking for a compact way to fuel, we developed eDISCS™.

eDISCS™ are a portable, easy to use version of e load™ sports drink powder. They are delivered in a compact disc format.  eDISCS™ are chewable and dissolvable by mouth, all without the use of irritants commonly found in other dissolving tablets. Each eDISC™ provides almost 3 grams of quickly absorbed carbohydrate, providing an immediate source of energy on the go, along with the same types and ratios of electrolytes found in e load sports drink powder.

Chew Your Sports Drink!

CHEW/SAVOUR eDISCS™ for a quick boost of energy, followed by 1.5 ounces/50 ml of water per eDISC™

eDISCS™ provide a virtually weightless, compact version of a sports drink, while eliminating the problem of dealing with powders on the go…just chase with water!

All in One…Great Taste! The First Chewable Sports Drink Tablet!

Some dissolving tablets do not contain carbohydrate. Each eDISC™ provides usable energy in the form of easily digestible carbohydrate as well as an electrolyte profile with proven success. Why use a tablet that only satisfies your electrolyte needs when you can have both in a compact, light and portable tablet?

Additionally, eDISCS™ taste great.

Easy and Portable

Long hours of training require optimal carbohydrate intake and hydration practices. While mixing sports drink powders is easy before an event, during training and racing it may prove to be a difficult task. eDISCS™ provide a clean, quick and easy method of meeting your needs while on the go. eDISCS™ can be used anywhere a portable version of e load™ is required, like on runs, bike rides or adventure races.

If you prefer to use race stations for hydration instead of carrying bottles or flasks, but dislike having to rely on the generic products available on some race courses, eDISCS™ can offer the perfect solution. You can use eDISCS™ by popping a few directly into your mouth, where you can chew them, or, allow them to dissolve, which they do without the use of harsh additives that can be difficult on the gut during exercise. You then chase with water, 1.5 ounces/50 ml for each eDISC™ swallowed. eDISCS™ allow you to fuel effectively with carbohydrate and replace your lost electrolytes all while reducing the bulk that you have to carry.

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